The weather in North Texas can make keeping your lawn green and your landscaping healthy a tough task. During the summer months, high heat and sporadic precipitation can cause problems with your yard, your flowers, and even your home's foundation. Adequate irrigation is central to preventing these issues, but hand-watering your flowers and lawn is time-consuming, inefficient and environmentally unfriendly.

An in-ground irrigation system takes the hassle out of watering while keeping your grass and landscaping healthy, and it uses water more efficiently than hand watering. An irrigation system can also make it much easier to apply fertilizer and other treatments to your landscaping and lawn. Landscape Systems of Texas offers a broad range of irrigation system installation and maintenance services for both private and commercial clients, as well as golf courses and other large projects.

If your home or business isn’t equipped with an irrigation system, our state-licensed irrigation specialists will assess your lawn size, plant and tree varieties, soil type and local irrigation regulations, and then design a custom irrigation system that meets all your needs. If your property has special landscaping that requires extra irrigation attention, Landscape Systems can also install drip irrigation for pots and hanging features, raised irrigation outlets for taller features, and deep-ground irrigation for large trees.

We also service and upgrade existing irrigation systems. From broken sprinkler heads to outdated control systems to broken underground irrigation pipes, Landscape Systems can diagnose and repair issues with your sprinkler system. Our irrigation specialists can also help you upgrade your existing system for better coverage, or add on extra features like drip irrigation, French drains or guttering.

As with all our projects, Landscape Systems functions as a general contractor for all work necessary to install your irrigation system, including excavation, drainage correction, plumbing and design planning. We’ve designed and installed irrigation projects ranging in size from a half-acre suburban lawn to an 18-hole golf course, and no job is too small or large.