Fort Worth Landscaping Overhaul [Keller Texas Garden Center]

We are sharing another awesome client landscape remodel today!  I wish we had some more “before” shots to show you, because this one needed a lot of work, but you can get the idea from the one we do have.  When we pulled up to this gorgeous home, (in an amazing neighborhood) we couldn’t believe this is how bare the landscaping was.  The owners had just purchased the home, and for as stunning as the home was, it needed a landscape that matched it.  What it did have going for it, was the blank slate it provided, with little issues standing in our way of making it stand out.

First, although it was an interesting design choice, we felt a straightforward walkway was a better option with the lines and symmetry of the home.  The owners also decided to add an iron gate to create a small porch area where they could put a table and chairs while still having a little bit of privacy behind the planters.

To create the front beds that line the gate we used Mountain Laurel trees, Savannah Holly trees, twist of lime abelia, azaleas, love pedlums, baby gem boxwoods, liriope plants, althea trees, and dwarf golden yews.

We also added a set of window boxes to the upper balconies, to draw your eye up and extend the eye line of the greenery.   They can replace these annuals with each new season.  Right now they have Esperanza in them.

These sunshine ligustrum add a fun pop to break up the basic greens, and the oak leaf holly add height to provide variation to the bed.

These two pots sit at each side of the porch, creating a show stopping piece that can be filled each season with beautiful annuals. We like to create a couple of spaces in most of our landscape installs where this is possible, so you can update the colors each season, and always have something blooming year round.  This particular combination has hibiscus as the height, vincas, scaevola, and periwinkle mixed throughout.

We have another annual bed at the curb, as the entrance to the walkway, where we can plant coordinating color that will mirror what’s in the potters.  It’s a great way to tie all of the color together for a cohesive look.   This plant grouping is made up of periwinkle, ixora plant, kaleidoscope abelia, pentas.  Finally, lining the walkway is a layer of liriope plant on both sides.

We like to utilize the entire property when we are landscaping both the front and back yards, but more so in the front, so you create a giant frame for your home, showcasing it’s size and utilizing all your landscape has to offer.  Here we’ve created a bed that creates a full border from the neighbor’s and also hides an unsightly power box.  We used a Japanese maple tree, a holly tree, an althea tree.  The lower ground bushes are azaleas, and finally edged with liriope plants and a small pop of annuals for color.

We extended the bordering beds all the way to the garage and fence leading you to the back yard, as well as flanking the garage door with potters selling with sweet potato vines and hibiscus.  We topped off the right bed with holly trees and more sunshine ligustrum.

If you are interested in using Landscape Systems Garden Center for your landscape installation needs, we proudly service Keller, Southlake, Westlake, Trophy Club, Grapevine, Colleyville, Ft. Worth and their surrounding towns.  Give us a call or fill out our online request form to have us beautify your space today!


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