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We have to brag on one of our favorite clients’ yards!  I know we say this about a lot of our clients (maybe because we are blessed to work with so many wonderful people), but this is truly one of our favorites.  When we took over this front yard it was a blank canvas.  There were a few flower beds present, but none that showcased how spectacular this lot is.  So we removed everything that was existing and started over from scratch.

We wanted each bed to be it’s own spotlight of beauty and visual delight.   We used varying heights, color and textures to draw the eye to every area of the yard.   From the moment you walk up the path you are greeted with cheerful pink hibiscus covering the ground.  The beds are flanked with two show stopping pots filled with pom pom juniper trees, purple scaevola, and pink and white vincas.  Layered behind the hibiscus are liriope ground covering.

As you move towards the entry gate, we used more layers, starting with liriope ground covering, mixed in colorful pentas, and flanked with two boxwood trees.


Moving to the left of the main gate is the far left bed.  The flowering althea tree is surrounded by encor azalea bushes (which will be filled with color in spring and fall), boxwood bushes behind them (closest to the house), a layer of sedum in front of the azaleas, and finished with the liriope ground covering lining the front.

In the far left front bed closest to the street, we added a few pink and purple angelonia next to the azaleas and liriope, for added color.

Moving on to the right side of the yard, we started the half curve bed with layers of jasmine, impatiens, caladiums, pentas and a gorgeous magenta crepe myrtle tree.  The variations of pinks, whites and purples throughout the yard really bring all of these beds together nicely.

And no space left undone, we planted a Japanese maple in the back corner where the tall boxwoods and oak trees provide privacy for the yard.  These maples will burst with color two times a year and add a splash of color to this spot.  All in all, we are so pleased with this front, bursting with major curb appeal.  Most importantly we are so happy when our clients trust our vision for their yards, the outcome is truly one they will love for years!

If you are interested in using Landscape Systems Garden Center for your landscape installation needs, we proudly service Keller, Southlake, Westlake, Trophy Club, Grapevine, Colleyville and their surrounding towns.  Give us a call or fill out our online request form to have us beautify your space today!


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  • Good job Gary. So glad you brought up the issue on fungus gnats and especially watering from the bottom. I have known many people that have tried starting seeds and when they got those pesky little critters, it discouraged them from gardening at all.Blessings,Jim

  • I am totally putting this vid in my save list so Mr. C can make me a copy of those genius tools!! Everything you’re doing is so well planned out. I can’t wait to see the awesome abundance your “impossible” garden is going to create!

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