Southlake Home Decor Shops

Are you tired of shopping at Southlake home decor shops that sell the same old “stuff?” Wouldn’t you rather decorate your home with stylish, high-quality pieces that tell a story and make a statement?

At Landscape Systems of Texas, we are proud to bring you hand-crafted furniture that suits your exquisite tastes and brings a touch of warmth and sophistication to your home, office or client-facing business environment. Each piece of our Southlake live edge furniture is unique and tells a story. Let us bring a little bit of the outdoors into your interior decor theme.

A selection that outpaces other Southlake home decor shops

Too many of the local home decor shops in Southlake TX offer the standard furniture, light fixtures and even planters for their patrons. The last thing you want is a home or office that looks just like everyone else’s!

Landscape Systems of Texas is pleased to be your provider of high-quality plants and interior decor, and we are especially excited about our Southlake live edge furniture.

  • Live edge furniture has a distinctive, natural look that comes from the fact that it is crafted from raw, minimally processed wood.
  • The live edge is left intact, with knots and whorls creating distinct patterns for every piece.
  • Hand-crafted from regional wood products — including pecan, cypress and mesquite — this style of furniture is rugged, bold and naturally beautiful.

Whether you want your home to reflect your love of the outdoors, or you simply want to make a statement with a refined piece of furniture, it is time to turn to Landscape Systems of Texas.

Want to learn more about what sets us apart from other Southlake home decor shops? Check out our selection of live edge furniture online or come in to our nursery to see the pieces in person.

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