Colleyville Home Decor Shops

What are you looking for in Colleyville home decor shops? When you want to outfit your home with the most modern, attractive furniture and decorations, you need a vast selection and helpful customer service.

Instead of chasing all over town for the items you want, why not consider your one-stop home shop, Landscape Systems of Texas? Many of our clients know us for our plants and outdoor decor options — but we also offer a distinctive selection of Colleyville live edge furniture.

These one-of-a-kind, handcrafted masterpieces are designed to awe and inspire, bringing a comforting feel of the outdoors into your home. Landscape Systems of Texas is pleased to showcase the master craftsmanship behind these gorgeous pieces.


The exceptional quality you expect from our Colleyville home decor shops

Landscape Systems of Texas is committed to quality. We take the time to care for the plants at our shop, tending to them so they stay fresh and lively, unlike those “big box” chains.

Our commitment to quality in Colleyville live edge furniture is no different.

  • We offer signature pieces that are designed to make a statement in your home or office environment.
  • You want unique, original pieces that incorporate natural design elements and Landscape Systems of Texas delivers.
  • Imagine just how lovely a live edge piece from our home decor shops in Colleyville TX will look in that special space you have been saving.

Stop struggling with finding the right fit in furniture and turn to the trusted name in landscaping and Colleyville home decor shops: Landscape Systems of Texas. We help you bring the outdoors inside — and we keep your outdoor decorations fresh and stylish. Let us show you our vast selection of distinctive decor options for your home and outdoor environs. Stop by our nursery and store today.

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