Grapevine Best Landscape Plant Nursery

When compared to the large, corporate home and garden shops, we’re confident that you will see Landscape Systems of Texas is the Grapevine best landscape nursery!

For over 30 years, we have worked closely with both residential and commercial clients to help match them with exactly what they’re looking for to transform their outdoor spaces — and, in some cases, their indoor spaces.

Outside of the extensive and masterful array of landscaping services that we provide, our Grapevine plant nursery is your one-stop shop for plants, soil, compost, fertilizer, planters, pottery, firewood and other features. Outside of our nursery for plants in Grapevine TX, we even boast a stunning home décor showroom, which features gorgeous, hand-made live edge furniture.


Why we’re the best landscape nursery in Grapevine TX

Whether you compare us to a large corporate home and garden center, or our fellow competition in the local area, we’re confident you will see the superior level of service that we provide. This includes:

  • An unbeatable selection of plants. We carry the widest variety in the area — bar none. We use seven acres of growing space to grow and nurture a great selection of plants. If you visit our plant nursery in Grapevine TX and can’t find what you’re looking for, one of our associates can help you find, and order, it!
  • As a family-owned business with modest roots, we have built our Grapevine nursery for plants on strong customer service. We’re not just sales associates — we’re experts in landscape design. Feel free to bounce ideas off of us. We love to help!
  • The quality of our products is undeniable. We strive to serve as the Grapevine best landscape nursery by leveraging our knowledge and experience to care for our plants, making sure that, when we hand them over, they’re in optimal health.

Our Grapevine plant nursery is poised to serve as your one-stop shop for lawn and garden needs.

We invite you to explore our extensive offering and see what makes us the Grapevine best landscape nursery.

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