Southlake Best Garden Nursery Fountains

Landscape Systems of Texas is proud to be the Southlake best garden nursery for all of your outdoor decor needs. Whether you are looking for Southlake garden fountains, quality plants, pottery, containers, or other outdoor decorating items, Landscape Systems of Texas has you covered!

Our Southlake gardening store has everything you will need to transform your outdoor space from shabby to chic, thanks to our massive selection and diverse array of products. When you want a large, one-stop shop for your gardening and landscaping needs, it is time to come to Landscape Systems of Texas.


How our Southlake best garden nursery prepares your outdoor spaces

Landscape Systems of Texas caters to both the do-it-yourselfer and the client who needs a little more direct assistance. Our team of landscaping professionals can create and complete a full landscape design, including Southlake garden fountains, at nearly any type of residential property.

Our best garden nursery in Southlake TX always offers the highest-quality plants that are carefully tended and nurtured for maximum longevity. Unlike the “big box” stores, which generally just leave the plants without water or care while they are waiting for sale, our team of horticulturalists and specialists take the time to make sure the plants are in tip-top condition when they leave with you.


An industry leading for over 30 years!

The landscapers who install your plants and garden fountains in Southlake TX are communicative, attentive to your needs and dedicated to your satisfaction.

Landscape Systems of Texas has been the trusted source — the Southlake best garden nursery — for more than three decades. With the largest retail inventory in the area, you are sure to find the right fit in decor, plants and equipment to suit your outdoor and indoor spaces. Learn more about our custom design programs with the help of a landscaping expert today. Contact us now to get started on the landscape plan of your dreams.

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